The Appeal Of Escape Rooms: Why You Should Consider Trying One

If you haven’t considered an escape room yet but are looking for an exciting adventure, it’s time to reconsider.

You may be one of the many people that still haven’t heard of escape rooms, although taking part can make you feel a little like Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes combined.

You may want to book a session at your closest escape room even if you have been hesitant up to now, once you read the following.

What Is An Escape Room?

The experience involves being locked in a room along with other people, and you’ll have to find and solve various clues to escape. The ultimate goal is to unlock the room and escape, using the key that you find by solving puzzles based on the clues.

You should anticipate the game taking about an hour to play, and there is between two and eight people in your room. Any more than that, and it would just be too crowded.

Because most puzzles can only be solved if you work together, escape rooms are ideal for team building.


If you have ever cowered in your seat watching the movie ‘Alien,’ you might enjoy an escape room called ‘Trapped in Space.’ Just like in the well-known movie, you and your crew are surprised to discover you aren’t alone when investigating an abandoned space ship. It’s just one of the different themes available.

Get Immersed In Your Character

Most escape room fans will tell you the game is a lot more fun and exciting if you come dressed as your favorite character. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the experience.

Nobody knows what will happen when you take part in an escape room adventure, and that sense of uncertainty and spontaneity can make the experience more fun. Most players find the game more enjoyable when they immerse themselves in it.

Get Out Of Your Rut

We all get in a rut sometimes, and if you crave something different, an escape room can be the perfect answer. Escape rooms can help to put your everyday problems and concerns in perspective and help you to see minor problems for exactly what they are. The experience is fun, but it’s also stressful in much the same way as a sporting game or fairground ride.

Finding out about yourself and how you react under pressure is also an important part of the escape room experience. But of course, the main goal is to have some fun and not to take the experience too seriously.

Fun For All the Family

Anyone from the age of 12 upwards can enjoy the escape room experience. And even the youngest kids can take part and get something out of it if you book a room just for your family.

Younger kids may not get much out of the experience or may not even be allowed to take part unless you book the entire room for your family. But everyone can join in if everyone is over 12.

Even the youngest players have a chance to excel, as there is often little skill involved in escape rooms. It’s a wonderful way to bring the entire family together and to get to know each other’s strong points.

And there are no televisions, Internet or cell phones to distract you when you are in your escape room. Many escape room fans consider it makes the perfect antidote to sitting in front of the computer screen or TV. It gets you away from the house and lets you get involved in what you are doing.

You have to solve the puzzle for anyone to leave the room, which encourages everyone to work together.

Just Like a Real Life Video Game

One way to look at escape rooms is as a real-life video or computer game, and there aren’t many more exciting things to do if you enjoy playing video games. It’s the next step up.

Of course, you also get to interact with other people, whether family friends or people you don’t even know. It’s one of the best ways there is to get out of your routine, get away from your computer, phone, or video game console, and spend quality time with others.

Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Keeping your brain active and making sure it functions efficiently and remains healthy is important, especially as we get older. An escape room is an ideal way to keep your mind focused and sharp, as it’s just as important to exercise your brain just as you do your body.

Other cognitive functions can be improved too when you spend an hour or so in an escape room trying to figure out how to solve the clues and escape. You’ll find that your focus and concentration are improved and you learn to think more creatively or perhaps think outside the box a little more than you are used to.

And They’re Fun

Interacting with others, solving puzzles and escaping from the room is also fun, and to many players, that’s what it’s all about.

Taking the time to do something fun and enjoyable is important for all of us, especially given all the worries and stress of everyday life. In an escape room, you are given a problem that you can systematically solve, which is much better than simply worrying about something that you can’t do anything about.

Just like movies, escape rooms aren’t real. But once you are in that room and start playing, once you have to use your wits and imagination to figure out the puzzles, it may well seem as if it’s real. Many escape room fans will tell you that it’s one of the few ways they actually get to feel in control and that figuring the answer out for themselves is really satisfying as well as exhilarating. If you haven’t sampled the escape room experience yet, what are you waiting for?