Ridgid Sewer Camera Sales Increasing: Find Out Why They’re Used

Sewer Repair: This is the nightmare of every homeowner with a sewer. This home repair project is long, complicated, and there is nothing that you can do to gain control over it. There is no way to stop the pipes underground from becoming damaged. Sewer repair is also very expensive. Even the professionals need to dig up your yard to fix the sewer lines. There may be another alternative.

Trenching is the most common method for sewer repair. It is reliable, but now there is another option. Modern technology, as well as the professionals in this field, can now use a special camera to inspect the sewer line. The camera and other specially designed plumbing equipment can fix the damaged sewer lines without having to dig up the land. There are some things that you should know when about camera sewer inspections as well as trenchless repair of the sewer lines.

Camera Inspection Process

The sewer camera is a special camera that is designed to go right into the sewer line. This camera uses fiber optics and is no larger than a smartphone. The camera is attached to a long and flexible metal cable. The cable is put into the opening of the sewer followed by the camera. It is inserted in the same way that a plumbing snake would be used. The cables will unravel as the camera can go further into the sewer line.

The camera will make its way through the sewer while the highly trained technician will examine the line in real time. They have control as well as a source of power. The cable is connected to electric wiring. The wiring is kept in a portable closed circuit box. There are strong lights found at the end of the cables so the sewer can be lit up and the technician can see to perform an inspection. They will see the sewer on a display screen and will be any to find any issues.

When the Camera is Used

When an inspection of the sewer lines is needed the camera will handle it all. A video inspection will allow the technician to see any potential problems in the sewer line without having to dig up the yard or the flooring. All that is needed is a sewer opening and enough space to insert the thin camera. The technicians can even make the small opening if there is not already one present.

The camera will allow the professional technicians to see fractures, breaks, corrosion, and root damage with the camera. The next step to fixing the problem will depend on the problem itself. If there is a clog in the sewer that is due to the roots of trees, corrosion, or something else that is causing a block a rooting machine or hydro jets can be used to clear out the clog. A resin-based Cured in Place Pipe material is used to seal up any cracks or fractures. If there is a large break in the pipe, a bursting technology may need to be used. The camera will allow the technician to see the problem before a plan is developed to fix it.

Why the Camera is Effective

A sewer camera inspection from The Drain Camera Shop will allow a technician to see what is causing trouble in the sewer pipes without having to dig to check the pipes. The process is digging takes some time and is expensive. It causes damage to the home and the hard. Some trial and error are used. If the technician does not find the spot where the problem is they will need to keep on digging until the problem is identified.

The camera can help the technician figure out where the problem in the line is. They can then develop a plan to fix this problem without causing a lot of disruption. They can get right to the source of the problem with the least amount of digging. The camera will be able to locate the problem and may even be able to find the cause of the problem. The camera will allow the technician to see the overall condition of the pipes.

Inspection by a camera and trenchless sewer repair may not be the best thing for every job. A pipe may need to be replaced. In most cases, the camera is used to help identify the problem. It is really interesting to see the inside of your sewer pipes.