Repairing Appliances May Be Better Than Buying New

When small appliances break we simply throw them in the trash. Some people do want and know how to conduct small appliance repair, but most of us don’t need or want to — especially when buying a new one only costs $20 anyways. Of course, our attitudes quickly change when it comes to large appliance repair because things like refrigerators typically cost $1,000 or more. So, the next time you’re considering a major appliance repair, think about these tips.

Today’s Appliances Aren’t Built to Last

Although appliances lasted for decades in the past, today’s appliances aren’t made to last this long. My sources tell me there’s truth in the saying, “They don’t make things like they used to.” our source says he’s seen 30-year-old Maytag washers work like they were only 1-day-old. He also says he’s seen newer models need to be thrown out when they’re only 4-years-old.

Bypass the Breakdown

Our source says you need to make some wise decisions before you buy new appliances so you don’t get stuck wondering if you should repair it or buy a new one. For instance, traditional top-load washers break down less than front-load laundry machines. This is because of the weight load placed on the washing barrel.

It also helps to keep things simple. While today’s refrigerators come with a lot of options including quick cooling departments, filtered water dispensers, and automatic ice-makers these gadgets cost more. You not only pay for them now, but you must also pay for their repairs in the future too.

Routine appliance repair also increases your appliances’ lifespan. This includes removing lint from your dryer’s filter each time you use it and cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils every couple of months. You should also check to make sure heat isn’t escaping from around your oven’s door seals.

Choose the Right Appliance Repair

With so many online instruction guides available, it’s relatively easy to do your own appliance repair today. This is especially true if you’re simply repairing parts. You should still have a qualified appliance repairman take care of big repairs like faulty digital controls. When searching for such a person, contact sites like or ask your friends for recommendations. Whatever you do, our source says you should always avoid fly-by-night companies who are known for placing ads on sites like Kijiji and Craigslist.

What it all comes down to is understanding that it’s only a good idea to do appliance repair on things like laundry machines, dishwashers, and ovens when they are less than 4-years-old. Consumer Reports warns that even then you don’t want to pay more than 50% of the original cost of the repairs. Once an item turns 4-years-old think about replacing the appliance instead of repairing it. Once an appliance is 8-years-old, it’s definitely time to replace instead of repair it. The only possible exception to this rule is refrigerators. This is because they are so expensive to replace, especially if you’re opting for any other built-in features with them.