Las Vegas Million Dollar Homes For Rent


Las Vegas has a large metropolitan area and is surrounded by mountains. The resort areas around the Las Vegas Strip present the actual beauty of this entertainment and wedding capital. Las Vegas Boulevard, which is an ancient town of Las Vegas, is located outside the city limits and is called a paradise. The city has many scenic areas and offers luxurious resorts, condominiums, hotels, Las Vegas budget hotels and home properties. Some of the real estate in the city are literally termed ‘million dollar homes.’  Some of these homes are not even currently making mortgage payments – they are fully paid off!

A series of elegant million dollar homes in this city are built by teams of Las Vegas based custom home builders, their architects and interior designers. It is observed that the main amenities offered by most of these million dollar homes include luxurious backyards on almost 3/4 of an acre that comprise of wonderful pools, hot tubs and built-in barbeque grills, and when rented for a vacation for a long period, prove to be more flexible, luxurious and cheaper than reservations at Las Vegas budget hotels.

Though, the majority of Las Vegas million dollar homes are situated on the exteriors of the main city, some of them are just at a short distance from the Vegas Boulevard. Some of these homes are also available as rental resort homes, for long-term vacations.

Las Vegas is amongst the most populated cities in the United States and also one of the many destinations for vacation, shopping and gambling.

This city is known worldwide for its casinos and nightclubs. These two aspects attract a majority of tourists every year. They are responsible for the title ‘entertainment and wedding capital of the world’, for years. Las Vegas is also called as the sin city as gambling, prostitution and availability of alcoholic beverages has been legalized and there are various forms and degrees of adult entertainment in this city. Apart from these attractions, Las Vegas is also said to have a large area that offers abundant choices for living arrangements suitable for all kinds of personal preferences.

Certain areas of the city comprise of homes that are built to exclusive standards with all possible amenities. Most of these homes, which are called as the most exclusive homes of Las Vegas are situated outside the city limits overlooking the Las Vegas valley. There are various housing societies that are coming up in different locations around the Las Vegas valley that consist of a number of exclusive Las Vegas homes. Most of these communities have all conveniences such as shopping malls, medical facilities, entertainment and both public and private entertainment venues. Hence, although they are not located in the main hub of the city, all services are easily accessible along with the comfort and privacy of these homes and a fabulous view of the Las Vegas strip.

Most of these exclusive homes are elegantly and artistically furnished along with fully equipped kitchens. They also offer various amenities such as outdoor pools, Jacuzzi and barbecue grills, and some term them as the perfect holiday rental choice over Las Vegas budget hotels. Las Vegas has a large number of neighborhoods and each neighborhood has a different price range for rental homes.