Some Easy, At-Home Dog Training Tips

methods-of-dog-trainingIt is not impossible to train your dog without professional assistance. Dog training can be accomplished in your home.

Potty Training Your Dog

Whether you have an untrained pet who has been with you for years or recently adopted a new dog into your family, housebreaking is essential. You want a clean, healthy home.

To develop good potty training habits, your dog should be taken outdoors early in the morning, before bedtime, and after he eats or drinks. He will learn faster if you encourage him to do his business in the same location every time.

When you start training, he will have accidents. Never punish your pet for making a mess on the floor. Instead, remove him from the area and take him to his special outdoor location. It should not take long for him to learn this is the correct place.

Training Your Dog To Obey Commands

dogs-trainingPraise is the key to successful obedience training. Whether you want to teach him to stop a particular activity, to sit, or to come when he is called, always reinforce appropriate behavior with praise.

As dogs respond better to positive reinforcement, do not punish him when he disobeys. You can firmly say “No,” distract him for a moment, and then repeat the initial command.

Dog Training: Training For A Leash

Dogs need exercise to stay healthy. Daily exercise is also an opportunity for you and your dog to bond. If he is not accustomed to walking with you, purchase a suitable leash.

Retractable leashes are best for dog training. They will limit the amount of space he has to roam, prevent accidents, and keep him close enough so you can communicate with him.

When you begin leash training the dog, choose safe areas. He may become frightened or agitated if he is near traffic or crowds of people. A park is one option. If there is a large lawn around your home, this is another good option.

Talk to your dog when you are walking with him. Use a friendly tone of voice so he will listen to you. If he ignores you or tries to wander away, tug on the leash very gently.

Tips For Effective Dog Training

Similar to small children, dogs respond better to kindness than punishment. This does not mean you should allow him to have his way when he disobeys or misbehaves. Always be kind, but be firm.

Avoid using food or treats for reinforcement. First, if the dog is not completely housebroken, this approach could cause him to have an accident. Second, he would start to expect treats every time he obeys. It can become a permanent habit. He may stop obeying when he stops receiving rewards. Verbal praise and pats are better reinforcements.

Effective training also requires consistency. You cannot be inconsistent if you want good results. From taking him outdoors after he eats, to a walk after dinner, you will have the best results when he knows what to expect.

If possible, all of these aspects of training should be done by one person. When you first start to train him, you should not delegate the responsibilities to other members of your household. While your spouse or an older child can walk him after he is completely trained, his actual training should be with one specific individual.

Kindness, consistency, and patience will produce the results you want. You will have a loving relationship with your dog, and he will be a well-behaved pet that everyone likes. If you are patient with accidents and mistakes, it should not take long before he is fully trained. He will be a happy, healthy member of your household.

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