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Choosing the Correct Dog Boarding Service for Your Dog

Let’s face it; dogs are more than just pets to many people. Dogs are part of the family– they are our babies, and often we worry about them just as we worry about our children. When we have to leave our furry friends behind where they aren’t welcome with other adults, it’s tormenting. We want to make sure that they get the same care we give them at home (but we know that will never happen). There are, however, some things to look for when choosing a kennel to board your dog short term.

Here are some things that might help you with your difficult decision, and contribute to making you feel that your baby is safe and secure!

1) Before you even consider a kennel, be sure to look at online reviews.
Granted, sometimes online reviews are made up of a few unhappy people who are venting their frustrations, and although a kennel may be excellent, the reviews can be unfair. However, if there are lots of reviews with negative words, this is a red flag.

2) Go and visit the kennel before you make any decisions on leaving your furry baby.
Make sure that the kennel is clean. Ask about the daily routine. Inquire about the average age and experience of the workers. Ask if the kennel has a lot of incident reports. Look around and see if the kennel is clean. Make sure there is ample space outside for the animals to run around and spend time in the fresh air. Ask if the workers walk the dogs, and how often. Ask if you can bring your food for your dog.

3) Make sure that first off your dog’s shots are up to date.
Then, ask the owner or manager of the boarding service what the rules are for other dogs. Which shots are mandated before a dog stays at the kennel? How do they verify that the dogs who are boarded at the kennel have their shots? Do they contact the owner’s veterinarian and request official shot records faxed to them by the vet? (This is the most reliable way to check). Make sure you feel comfortable with knowing that all dogs need to have current vaccinations so your dog is in no danger of disease.


4) Ask if the kennel will bathe the dogs or and clip their nails which are more important than you might think.
A good kennel with bathing your dog and make sure his/her nails are trim before your dog leaves, so you pick them up smelling fresh and looking clean.

5) Ask for a trial day.
See if you can drop your dog off for just a few hours and find out if you feel comfortable. Trial runs are offered by most reputable dog kennels, and it can make a potential customer feel much more comfortable knowing what their dog’s reaction will be.

6) Ask if the kennel gives you a ‘report card.’
At the end of your dog’s stay, you’ll want to know if they ate well if they had bowel movements, and if they got along with the other dogs. You’ll probably want to know if your dog was apprehensive or if he/she was comfortable after awhile. Many dog boarding services give their owners a ‘report card’ when they are picked up telling their parents if and how they enjoyed their stay, and this also lets them know if their dog has been eating. This report card may sound silly, but it can gauge whether or not you want to bring your dog back to the same place the next time you leave town.

7) Ask the kennel manager or owner if they will allow your dog to bring his/her blanket or favorite toy.
Typically dogs sleep in separate kennels at night so that most dog boarding places will allow a little piece of comfort from home for your furry friend.

8) Ask if you can have access to cameras in the kennel.
This way, you know that the kennel isn’t trying to hide anything, and if you miss your furry friend too much, you can log in right from your phone and see your puppy in action. Having access to cameras is often very assuring to pet owners who are apprehensive about leaving their pets with strangers.

9) Ask around for referrals.
Chances are people at work, or some of your friends have taken their dogs to a kennel at some point. Ask for ones to avoid and ones that have excellent service.

Good luck with boarding your dog, whatever you decide to do. Feel confident knowing you are making the right decision by first doing your homework.

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