7 Reasons to Get Your Windows Tinted

Window tinting has become a necessary part of companies over the last several years. Let’s be real; it adds value to your car, and your vehicle looks better. A lot of customers tint their windows for an outer appeal, but there are a lot of other reasons to take into consideration why having a top-notch film applied to your windows is ideal. I will point out the 7 top reasons to consider when using a film application:

Decrease Interior Heat

High-quality window film can produce up to a 78% reduction in heat transfer. This lowers the sun’s effect of warming up the interior of your vehicle lessening the amount of time that you will need to use your ventilator. The window film can extend the life of the car’s AC system because of the decrease in heat. That is why windowing tinting is beneficial for using less air conditioning.

Energy Savings

As mentioned above, lowering the heat inside your vehicle can reduce the requirement for AC use. This can have a substantial impact on gas mileage and will save money at the pump. Who wouldn’t want to save money?

Reduce Interior Fading

a High-quality film can cover up to 99% of UV ray. This helps to decrease fading of your carpet, seats, dashboard and wood trim. It also works to make these items last a long time.

Reduce Health Risks

When you are exposed to the sun it can cause the possibilities of health risks to your skin and eyes. By blocking out %99 of UV light, window film can also be used as “sunscreen” to protect from the dangerous effects of the sun.

Reduces Hazardous Glare

Having a glare while driving can cause blind vision and create a hazardous condition. Window film that is applied to a car’s rear and side windows can significantly decrease glare.sun-gard-window-tint

Increase Safety and Security

Accidents can turn a window into several dangerous shards of glass. Window film can keep glass together during an accident. It can also hinder a would-be thief from having access to your car.

Enhance Appearance

An owner of a window tinting company in Las Vegas told us: “Most shops offer a variety of shades for a window film to appeal to almost any style. If you do not want to dim the windows, but still want the benefits of window tint, we have that too.”